"Passion is the reason that leads the path to your dreams. Enjoy the journey, dream awake.
Vairok, your passion is ours."


Barcelona 2021

The VAIROK project was born at the beginning of 2021 in Barcelona. A brand forged between the Montserrat Peaks, the Montseny Natural Park and the Collserola Mountain Range.


Making your ride safer

If there's one thing other brands can’t keep up with, it's our constant innovation and updates. You'll never see a VAIROK product remain the same for years, and it's not because they're bad, there's always something to improve. In the cycling industry, brands are used to keeping their winning products for decades, but why not when you renew a product that fascinates you, make it even better? With us you will be part of the development, there is nothing better than wearing something of yours #VairokCommunity


Meet our ahtletes

It's not who represent us, it's how we are represented. If we have to compete, let it count at the max level #CompetitiveSpirit

vairok athletes